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In order to activate free legal assistance, here’s how it works! We all like to receive gifts…don’t we? That’s why we have chosen to offer you more than just a gift, but a complete FREE legal assistance, for every purchase of a new home in Portugal!

In order to activate and benefit from this free offer, there is only one condition:

Not be already registered with the promoter.

For example: by having made an information request on the promoter’s website, by having contacted a partner agency that distributes the promoter’s offers, or by having visited the real estate program directly with the promoter or with a partner agency.)


  1. You search for the new home of your dreams on the TAGUS NOVO website.
  2. You select the homes that fit your project on your online account.
  3. Once found, validate the visit request with the TAGUS NOVO team.
  4. You receive a confirmation of contact from our team with the dates of the visits (in person or remotely).
  5. After the visits, you decide to make an offer on one or more properties.
  6. This is when you ACTIVATE the FREE legal assistance!
  7. TAGUS NOVO’s legal department will check the clauses of the contract to protect you and verify all the documents in the file.
  8. You can sign now with peace of mind!
  9. We organize for you all the administrative steps before the signing of the deed of sale.
  10. You go to the notary (you have the possibility to be represented).
  11. You have just bought your new home with complete peace of mind thanks to TAGUS NOVO!

Precautions to take before signing a promise to purchase (CPCV) for a new home being planned or under construction in Portugal.

If you are very interested in buying a house or an apartment under construction and you want to sign the promise to purchase and sell, we advise you to analyze all the conditions and clauses of the contract.

Remember that you are committing to pay for a property that has not yet been delivered and that several details must be agreed upon before signing any contract.

First of all, you should analyze the plan carefully, and leave in writing the agreed upon changes, as well as the budgeted values for the finishes you have chosen. Try to understand if the builder is building or has built other homes with identical plans. This will give you a clearer idea of what you are buying.

Also, always remember that the time frames, warranties, clauses that protect you, as well as the details agreed upon for the granting of the mortgage, should it be necessary, must all be put in writing in the CPCV.

Never sign a contract of this type without first agreeing all the details with the bank that will finance you, nor without being sure that you are protected in case the builder does not respect the agreed deadlines.

Note: In case of legal doubt, you should consult a lawyer or ask him to draw up a contract that protects you in all situations of risk that are beyond your control.

TAGUS NOVO will provide you with all the support you need to successfully complete your new property purchase project in Portugal.

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