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New real estate development in Lisbon - "Arco d'Olide" in Campolide near Amoreiras

From 380 000 € to 880 000 €

New-build flats in private residence with gardens in Lisbon

TAGUS NOVO presents "Arco d'Olide" in the city of Lisbon, Portugal.
This real estate development is a new residence to be seriously considered if you are looking to buy a new property close to all amenities.

This new construction, located in the Campolide neighborhood, includes 28 apartments with garage, 1 or 2 bedrooms, intended for residential use, whose configuration was based on the optimization of the living space in favor of the practical aspects necessary for daily life, combined with a simple design that can be adapted to any type of decoration, although the details that coincide with the style already intrinsic to this place remain visible.

This new program is characterized by its pink color, typical of the history of Portuguese architecture, and by the existence of a turret, which is the main landmark of the intersection of Rua do Arco do Carvalhão and Rua de Campolide. The original building, dating from the end of the 19th century, even after a series of modifications, continues to reveal, in its splendor, all the history of a type of design that goes back to the roots of Portuguese architectural heritage. The Arco d'Olide delimits the neighborhood.

With its extension that extends beyond the obvious, it integrates a new building, maintaining the subtle lines that combine with those of the existing. Its private garden makes the link and, at the same time, direct access to the streets of the city. It has been thought to give an address to those who are charmed by Lisbon or simply looking for a place to rest and feel attracted by subtle and clear lines that associate a garden, a link to a whole.

The original pink kept in the blocks "Professor" and "Arco" unites with the use of sparkling white tiles in the block "Olide". A choice that, in addition to harmonizing the whole project, brings more luminosity to the block and simultaneously combines the stone chosen for the windows and the arches of the "Professor" and "Arco" blocks that finish the openings of the facades.

From the beginning of Rua do Arco do Carvalhão, at the corner with Rua
Professor Sousa da Câmara, the wall that borders the private garden and gives direct access to the building "Olide". From here also appears the access to the garage common to the three buildings, with 28 parking spaces. The access to the other part of the development is on the opposite side, through Professor Sousa da Câmara Street.
The arch, symbol of this project, marks the main entrance.

A walkway develops inside the block which, in turn, divides to reach first the atrium of the vertical accesses of the "Arco" block and, along the path, each of the terraces of the first floor apartments.
On the other hand, at the other end of the complex, the entrance to the "Professor" block is directly from the street.
To enter the Arco d'Olide is to enter "Carvalhão", the popular nickname of the count who originally owned the land and who became the future Marquis of Pombal, the mentor of the project to rebuild the whole of downtown Lisbon after the earthquake of 1755 (giving its name to the "Pombalin" style).

The entire first floor was designed to allow for greater use and enjoyment of the outdoors, providing a townhouse-like experience.
Sufficiently spacious balconies represent the extension of the interior to the exterior and the simultaneous interaction between the two and offer, like the terraces, a connection to the open air. They enrich all the spaces of the apartment, from the living room to the bedroom, offering a breathtaking view of the surrounding street and garden.
This condominium ideally located in Campolide (Lisbon) in a family residential area, offers an excellent quality of life and many advantages to its residents: proximity to Lisbon airport, ideal for an investment, traditional architecture, pleasant environment, ideal for a single-family home, quiet residential area, close to all amenities and secure residence with trees.
Don't miss this great opportunity!

The benefits
  • Close to Lisbon airport
  • Traditional architecture
  • Ideal for a primary residence
  • Close to all amenities
  • Close to the city centre
  • Ideal for rental investment
  • Pleasant environment
  • Quiet, residential neighbourhood
  • Gated residence with trees
  • Shared garden with trees
  • Shared garden with trees in the centre of the residence
  • Parking spaces in the basement
  • Coworking area
  • Private and closed parking
  • Shared garden in the residence
  • Green areas in the residence
  • Underground garage with parking spaces
  • Meeting room

Expert's word

Whether it is for a main residence, for a secondary home in Lisbon or for a rental investment, there is no doubt that this real estate program is a good address to invest in the city of Lisbon in all serenity. New and quality apartments, a builder's guarantee, easy to resell afterwards. Do not miss this opportunity.

Features of the housing

  • Functional
  • Living rooms with balconies, terraces or gardens
  • Pleasant to live in

Available units : 21

Type Floor Bedrooms Bathroom Area Price Compare
Flat 0 0 1 82 sqm 550 000 € View
Flat 2 0 1 99 sqm 830 000 € View
Flat 3 1 1 52 sqm 380 000 € View
Flat 1 1 1 56 sqm 420 000 € View
Flat 1 1 1 54 sqm 420 000 € View
Flat 2 1 1 55 sqm 420 000 € View
Flat 3 1 1 62 sqm 450 000 € View
Flat 2 1 1 68 sqm 485 000 € View
Flat 3 1 1 75 sqm 540 000 € View
Flat 0 1 1 123 sqm 840 000 € View
Flat 3 2 1 86 sqm 630 000 € View
Flat 1 2 1 92 sqm 650 000 € View
Flat 1 2 1 89 sqm 650 000 € View
Flat 2 2 2 89 sqm 660 000 € View
Flat 0 2 1 115 sqm 675 000 € View
Flat 0 2 2 126 sqm 710 000 € View
Flat 3 2 1 99 sqm 750 000 € View
Flat 1 2 2 111 sqm 760 000 € View
Flat 1 2 2 107 sqm 780 000 € View
Flat 3 2 2 133 sqm 860 000 € View
Flat 0 2 2 167 sqm 880 000 € View
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  • Current project status : Under construction
  • Delivery : 2nd quarter 2023

The Arco d'Olide development is currently sales. The works are reaching the interior stage, and the project will be completed by the 2nd quarter of 2023.


  • District : Lisbon
  • Municipality : Lisbon
  • Parish : Campolide
  • Neighborhood : Campolide
  • The address: In a residential family environment

  • Lifestyle : Urban

Arco d'Olide's location is privileged.

It has easy access to the city's most important road, which crosses it from north to south, and which in turn establishes a direct connection with the A5 and A2 highways, the former leading to Cascais and Estoril, and the latter crossing the south of the country to the Algarve after crossing the 25th of April bridge over the Tagus River.

On the other hand, the public transportation network offers the neighborhood countless choices. Several bus lines intersect on the outskirts of the neighborhood, and the closest subway stations are S. Sebastião and Praça de Espíritu. Sebastião and Praça de Espanha subway stations are only a ten-minute walk away, and the train lines that cross the city have a station in the neighborhood (Campolide station) and nearby (Sete Rios station).
This makes it easy to get from Arco d'Olide to the city center, the outskirts of the city and the rest of the country.

Environment : Easy daily life with everything nearby, Close to all amenities, Shops in the street, Shops in the neighbourhood, Supermarkets, Weekly market, Shops and services nearby, Bakery, Mall / Shopping, Restaurants, Coffee shops / Bars, Full educational offer from kindergarten to high school around the residence, Close to universities / schools, School complex near the residence, Full educational options in the neighbourhood, Nursery, International School, College, High School, University, Kindergarten, Primary school, Public transport nearby, Well covered by public transport, Well connected with public transport, Quick access to main roads, Bus stop in the street, Railway station , Public car park nearby, Close to Lisbon airport, Religious sites, Cinema, Historic buildings, Green areas in the neighbourhood, Nearby park, Neighbourhood Council, Post office, Banks, Cash dispenser, Police, Pharmacy, Hospitals, Private clinic, Doctors, Health centre

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